Back to the root – Campaign

#BackToTheRootsCampaign is a campaign that was born out of love for kids. I was away from Nigeria for a while and realised that a lot of kids back home in Nigeria were lacking a lot in terms of writing Materials, school fees, making the right career choices.etc. This Campaign is aimed at tackling the problems… Continue reading Back to the root – Campaign

Kit-with-Kids Campaign

#KitwithKids (Keeping In Touch with Kids) is a campaign that sensitise kids on Rape, Abuse and other areas of interest. Everyday we wake up to growing increase in the number of child rape cases,and substance abuse,A number of this cases still go unreported because of shame and stigma. Child Abuse is most the mostly one… Continue reading Kit-with-Kids Campaign

Street Wise

#StreeWise is a campaign that sensitises the layman on the street and local communities about information on their health, environment, entrepreneurship and Sustainability.